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Sculpture and Art

Copper Peacock

This life-size ‘copper’ peacock has a galvanised steel armature, which is immensely robust. He takes pride of place in our garden and has been able to endure extremes of weather and at times a very windy site. 

The steel armature is covered in small mesh chicken wire netting over which the copper wire is laced, giving the effect and funnily enough, the feel, of feathers. The tail is again made up of copper wire, woven and coiled to form the ‘eyes’.

Martin’s next project is to make a life-size pair of conjoined hissing geese.

Pekin Bantams


These charming characters are cast in plaster of Paris. They are actually a little larger than actual Pekin Bantams, but based on them for style.

This pair lives in Martin’s kitchen, as they would not be weatherproof for survival outside in the garden. However, as Martin has the moulds it should be easy enough to make some more in a more durable medium.


Martin Percival persuaded his parents to allow him to complete an Art Foundation Course at College when he left Felsted School in 1971. Although he decided not to pursue it any further as a career at that time, the skills acquired during that year have enabled Martin to “pick up the brush” when time has allowed. Although he enjoys drawing and painting (watercolour), his energies these days are focused on sculpting, as can been seen from the examples of his recent work illustrated below.

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